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What we have achieved

ACCESOphia is now a member of EAN (European Antibullying Network).

In 2014, within the framework of the project “European Anti- Bullying Network-EAN” that was funded by the European Commission’s DG Justice a number of committed civil society organizations and authorities from all over Europe held a conference on the issue in Athens. At the end of the conference, a number of organizations decided to consolidate their cooperation and to establish hereto a European Anti- Bullying Network, EAN.

EAN was conceived as an “umbrella organization”, providing members with a platform and framework to join forces, exchange good practices and materials, and thus develop common actions to motivate all parties involved in the bullying phenomenon: not only children who suffered from bullying, but also teachers and educators, parents and children who exercise bullying, who are in fact often not really aware of the serious consequences of their behaviour and acts of bullying. EAN was formally established and registered as an international umbrella organization in international non-profit associations in 2015, under Belgian law.

The main objectives of the European Antibullying Network (EAN) are:

– To coordinate anti-bullying actions and initiatives at the European level and develop partnerships across Europe
– To campaign and advocate for a common European strategy against bullying in Europe and monitor and influence policies at national and European levels
To produce and promote the exchange of good practices, enforce capacity building and provide tools and trainings to professionals working in the field
– To raise awareness among the general public and empower children and young people as well as parents and teachers on how to tackle bullying.

  • Activity

    ACCESOphia is now a member of EAN (European Antibullying Network)

  • When

    June 2018