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What we have achieved

The “Emil Negruțiu” School from Turda (Cluj) – Romania, in a partnership with ACCESOphia and the Romanian company Info Miad is running an European Operational Programme Human Capital (POCU) project. A total of 184 students from this Turda school will receive a grant of 900 lei from the project budget and 32 students will do internships within a variety of Spanish institutions and organisations. Transport, accommodation and meals are provided from the project budget.

The general objective of the project is to increase the participation rate of students in vocational and technical education in on-the-job training programs by developing skills and knowledge acquired during the internships of 184 students, from the following fields: AGRICULTURE, ECONOMICS, TOURISM AND HOSTELRY, FOOD INDUSTRY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, in national and international partnership for 24 months.

The specific objectives of this project are as follows:

– Providing counseling and career guidance services in order to acquire skills that meet the needs of the labor market increasing the employment rate of 184 students.

– Development of sustainable, existing or newly established partnerships between the educational unit and economic agents /associative structures/, actors in the social field and the research and innovation sector, potential employers of the private sector in order to organise internships with the purpose of facilitating the transition from school to working life.

– Development of work skills and promotion of the labor market insertion by conducting national and international internships for a number of 184 students. Supporting and promoting a coordinated information system from the private sector to the educational unit regarding their training needs as well as feedback from the educational unit to the private sector, to the parents, the academic environment and the participating students; system that contributes to increase the quality and relevance of education in the workplace and, implicitly, to increase the employability of students.

– Promoting and carrying out innovative activities to support the workplace learning system, both for the development of key skills required in the labor market and to open new horizons for students.

Through this project, the “Emil Negruțiu” School from Turda ensures the acquisition of skills necessary to find a job, through internships, thus contributing to a better preparation for the labor market, but also for opening their own business, which can boost their success in life.

For more information about the ACCESOphia role in this POCU project see here.

  • Project

    Operational Programme Human Capital (POCU) Project Romania

  • When

    October 2020 – October 2022