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What we have achieved

The EuroCirilic project aims at alleviating the uprooting and the disadvantages of learning and integral development of immigrant students, accentuated by the pandemic, to prevent school dropouts and discrimination as well as to promote mutual knowledge and coexistence in the school community through the promotion of European values and new approaches for inclusion and diversity in the classroom, making visible the common cultural heritage of the Cyrillic.

The project encourages the bilingualism of Spanish-Bulgarian children for their inclusion in both countries,simultaneously strengthening their cultural identity in order to enhance the self-esteem and sense of belonging
both to their roots of origin and to their common European roots.

The project promotes an innovative approach that is based on the Cyrillic – the third official alphabet of the EU, and the principles of the “Pedagogy of the Sun” – the Bulgarian alternative to the world-renowned educational methods Montessori and Waldorf.

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  • Project

    EuroCirilic Project – Promoting European Values for Inclusion in the Classroom through Cyrillic as the Third Official Alphabet of the EU and Common Cultural Heritage of Europe

  • When

    November 2021 – October 2023