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What we have achieved

The Address of Human Rights-Journalism Project (also known as Media4change) was co-funded by the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Union. It connected partners from Lithuania, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Latvia and the United Kingdom in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Development of the cooperation network of journalists, human rights and media experts;
  • Requirements to journalists of ethically and aesthetically talking to the public about problems of socially vulnerable groups;
  • Cooperation with journalists and experts in carrying out large-scale journalistic researches;
  • Provision of conditions for socially vulnerable groups to speak out about their problems and to be heard;
  • Cooperation with editors in creating contents on socially vulnerable groups;

Accesophia’s key competence in the project was to implement communication trainings for organisations and individuals working with socially vulnerable groups, as well members of these groups.